Environmentalists, and their cohorts in the media, blast away at the keystone pipeline, because it will transport Canadian tar sands crude into the United States. They repeatedly say producing oil from the tar sands will release CO2 into the atmosphere. Continue reading Pipelines

Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

It’s now reasonably certain that North America can become self sufficient in energy by 2020. Self sufficiency in oil, natural gas and coal production, greatly benefits the United States, but it doesn’t necessarily achieve energy independence. The United States benefits from self Continue reading Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

Keystone is all about Global Warming

Now that Congress may consider legislation to authorize construction of the Keystone pipeline, it becomes crystal clear that the real reason behind efforts to stop the Keystone pipeline is global warming. There has been talk about pipeline leaks and threats Continue reading Keystone is all about Global Warming

Canadian Oil For China

About 99% of Canadian oil exports are to the United States, but current U.S. policies are forcing Canada to build a $5.5 billion pipeline to Kitimat in British Columbia so that it can ship its oil to China. Environmentalists are Continue reading Canadian Oil For China

Biofuel Mandates

Why are biofuels being forced onto America? This year the EPA has mandated that 8.65 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol be mixed with gasoline. If a producer can’t obtain cellulosic ethanol to mix with its gasoline, it must pay a Continue reading Biofuel Mandates

US Energy Policy and China

Historically, China has primarily been a continental nation, looking to the North, South and West for security threats. For energy, it has huge supplies of coal and the potential for large supplies of shale gas. What it lacks is oil. Continue reading US Energy Policy and China