Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

Pinocchio. Photo by D. Dears

…Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture… DNV GL has published Energy Transition Outlook 2018, consisting of two reports, A global and regional forecast to 2050, and, Oil and Gas Forecast to 2050. (DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification Continue reading Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

Peak Oil Demand is Bogus and Meaningless

…Peak Oil Demand is Bogus and Meaningless… For decades, Malthusian economists and others have predicted the world would run out of oil. They used Hubbert’s Curve to establish when the world would reach peak oil, from which point the world’s Continue reading Peak Oil Demand is Bogus and Meaningless

The Villain in the Wings

This story probably begins in antiquity, but for the sake of reasonableness, let’s begin with Malthus in 1798. He established the concept of a Malthusian catastrophe which would reduce the population to a lower, more sustainable level. Essentially, he proposed Continue reading The Villain in the Wings

Shale Oil Revolution Continues

Companies in the United States who are drilling for shale oil have had to respond to the sudden low price of oil. Saudi Arabia decided to maintain production rather than cut production to maintain the price of oil, and this Continue reading Shale Oil Revolution Continues

The End isn’t Nigh

It’s fascinating to see how frequently people have said we were running out of oil. It even happened before the first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania. At the time, oil oozed out of the ground and people scooped it Continue reading The End isn’t Nigh