Will Climate Destroy the Utility Industry?

…Will Climate Destroy the Utility Industry?… Fear of climate change caused by CO2 emissions can destroy all of America’s electric utilities. The first casualty could be PG&E in California. PG&E is being charged with causing multiple fires including the deadly Continue reading Will Climate Destroy the Utility Industry?

PG&E Storage Appraisal

Storage is seen by many as the savior of unreliable renewables, yet it would seem that the additional costs of storage, both the initial and perpetual costs, are enormous and that current technologies aren’t viable. In 2016, Pacific Gas & Electric Continue reading PG&E Storage Appraisal

Saving Energy is Good

Like any other economic activity, the efficient use of energy is good for the economy. This is especially true when there is little cost associated with making the savings. If, however, it costs more to achieve the savings than the Continue reading Saving Energy is Good