Can Coal be Dumped?

The Province of Ontario, Canada has virtually eliminated the use of coal for power generation. Could the United States do the same? Before addressing that question, here is the electricity generation mix for Ontario, Canada1 for 2012. Table 1 Method Continue reading Can Coal be Dumped?

CHP: Progress or Regression?

A major misconception about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is that people believe its efficiency is far greater than other methods for generating electricity. Efficiencies of over 90% are claimed for CHP, but these are misleading. CHP uses the exhaust Continue reading CHP: Progress or Regression?

EPA’s Mercury Ruse

The EPA has singled out coal-fired power plants for drastic action to cut mercury emissions. Yet, the EPA is allowing compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to be used indiscriminately. Why is this? Is there a big difference between the amounts of Continue reading EPA’s Mercury Ruse

Is Coal a Fuel of the Future?

Few reasonable people can dispute that the EPA is conducting a war against coal. A large number of new regulations affecting coal-fired power plants have been proposed in rapid-fire succession by the EPA. The rapidity with which they have emerged Continue reading Is Coal a Fuel of the Future?

Smart Grid Award

Power Magazine has announced it will give an annual award to the best smart grid project. This is welcome news, primarily because the criterion for the award removes the hype that is prevalent in the media. Here are the criteria Continue reading Smart Grid Award