New England Solar Madness

…New England Solar Madness… A previous article praised the ISO-NE for pre-planning the use of oil to save the grid from blackouts during this January’s freeze. Data from ISO-NE can also demonstrate the madness of trying to rely on solar Continue reading New England Solar Madness

The Solar-Induced Death Spiral

A Wall Street Journal analyst recently wrote that PV solar installations could result in the demise of the grid, with PV solar thrusting it into a “death spiral” caused by an ever increasing amount of electricity being generated by roof Continue reading The Solar-Induced Death Spiral

Solar Takes Some Hits

Two years ago, GE announced plans to double its investment to $600 million in its Aurora, Colorado solar panel manufacturing plant. GE said the plant would create 400 jobs. GE entered the solar panel business in 2007 when it invested Continue reading Solar Takes Some Hits

Gaming Solar Subsidies

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted how shrewd investors are using government subsidies, i.e., tax payer money, to promote investments in solar rooftop installations. A report published this February by GTM1 research, and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) disclosed Continue reading Gaming Solar Subsidies

Feeding at Subsidy Trough

A novel approach for promoting solar on rooftops has emerged in California. It was described in an article in Wired Magazine. Basically, it allows slick entrepreneurs to feed at the government subsidy trough. Unfortunately, there is no economic justification for Continue reading Feeding at Subsidy Trough