Four Minutes for $150 million

…Four Minutes for $150 million… South Australia installed battery storage supplied by Musk for an estimated cost of $150 million. With a rating of 100MW/129MW, the storage can, on the face of it, provide 100 MW for approximately 1hour 18 Continue reading Four Minutes for $150 million

What’s Being Taught on Campus

Photograph of a huge production area

…What’s Being Taught on Campus… What’s being taught in colleges and universities about energy and energy issues? When a student asked me a pointed question about an energy issue I asked where he had obtained such slanted information, and he Continue reading What’s Being Taught on Campus

Hidden Costs of EVs and PHEVs – Part I

Plug-in electric and fully electric vehicles, PHEVs and EVs, aren’t selling as rapidly as people predicted, but it’s still worth looking at some of the hidden costs if PHEVs and EVs were to become popular. Eventually, these hidden costs will Continue reading Hidden Costs of EVs and PHEVs – Part I