The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Groups supporting wind turbines, PV solar and concentrating solar have been very successful. The purported underlying motive of these groups is to cut CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with so-called renewables, but rather than campaigning to cut CO2 emissions, Continue reading The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Putting the Grid at Risk

The grid may have been built in the last century, but it is still resilient and works well. Yes, it could use some additions to increase capacity due to growth. What it doesn’t need is tampering to make it accommodate Continue reading Putting the Grid at Risk

Economy’s Ticking Time Bomb

Twenty-nine states, plus the District of Columbia have enacted Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) mandating that electricity from renewable sources make up a significant share of the electricity sold in each of these states. The mandates vary from 10% by 2015 Continue reading Economy’s Ticking Time Bomb

Willing to Pay More For Renewables?

This is an interesting question since over twenty states now require utilities to sell a rising percentage of electricity as coming from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. These laws are referred to as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or Continue reading Willing to Pay More For Renewables?

Continuing Solar Debacle

Bankruptcies of solar firms are happening so rapidly it’s hard to keep up with them. Last week Q-cells, one of the larger German manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy will result in the layoff of 2,000 employees. Now there is Continue reading Continuing Solar Debacle

Emergency Power

The rapid closing of coal-fired power plants, coupled with the imposition of renewable portfolio standards (RPS) with the increase in renewables that produce electricity when it isn’t needed, but not when it is needed, means there will be a greater Continue reading Emergency Power