Storing Electricity

Storage of electricity is the holy grail of renewables. Without the ability to store electricity, renewables will remain uneconomic. Electricity must be generated as it is consumed, unless there is a way to store excess electricity for use at a Continue reading Storing Electricity

CES as Cap & Trade Light

RES, RPS and now CES are being discussed in Congress and various states. The White Paper on a Clean Energy Standard, published earlier this year by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, makes it clear that there is Continue reading CES as Cap & Trade Light

Why CO2 Remains a Major Concern

While cap & trade appears to be dead in the United States, there is considerable ongoing effort to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050, which is the stated goal of the United Nations and many in this administration. Cutting CO2 Continue reading Why CO2 Remains a Major Concern

RPS Forces People to Buy Expensive Electricity

Approximately 27 states have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) that forces people to buy expensive electricity. By looking at one state, it’s possible to see the economic impact of RPS. Illinois has passed a law (Public Act 095-0481) establishing Renewable Portfolio Continue reading RPS Forces People to Buy Expensive Electricity

Renewable Portfolio Standards

Renewable Portfolio Standards, also known as Renewable Energy Standards, force families, businesses and industry to buy expensive electricity. Why else would General Electric Company build a $600 million dollar plant to manufacture a product that few would buy in a Continue reading Renewable Portfolio Standards