Lessons from Regensburg

…Lessons from Regensburg… My visit to the BMW factory in Regensburg Germany confirmed that the factory of the future had arrived. See, Manufacturing a Car is Easy There is no need for a government-mandated “50 state solution” for a National Continue reading Lessons from Regensburg

Job Displacement Threat

(Another article on manufacturing and jobs) The use of robots in factories is not likely to cause large job displacement, as the process of using robots in factories has evolved over a period of 30 to 50 years, with robots Continue reading Job Displacement Threat

Robots in Manufacturing

There has been much fanciful thinking about having all the parts of a product, or even just the raw materials, entering one end of an unmanned factory, with the completed product exiting from the other end. This provides the backdrop Continue reading Robots in Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Jobs or Grants to Americans

There has been considerable discussion recently concerning proposals to provide every person a guaranteed annual grant. There have been three basic reasons for these proposals. To protect people who lose their jobs due to job displacement, especially from robots and Continue reading Manufacturing, Jobs or Grants to Americans

Robots to Replace Human Workers

The following headlines highlight how robots might be able to replace human workers. RoboBees with Laser Eyes Could Locate Disaster Victims How Robots Are Building a 3D-Printed Metal Bridge in Amsterdam Your Next Garbageman Could Be a Robot (These three Continue reading Robots to Replace Human Workers