Wind and Solar in Perspective

The media continuously promote renewables, reporting on job creation, payments to farmers and other supposed benefits. Unfortunately, the media ignores higher costs to consumers, the use of tax payer money for subsidies, the loss of jobs in the coal and Continue reading Wind and Solar in Perspective

The Duck Speaks, Part 2

The general impact of renewables on the utility industry was discussed in Part 1, using Diagram 2. While the Duck curve displays the over generation caused by renewables, the effect of renewables can better be seen by examining a load Continue reading The Duck Speaks, Part 2

Save The Grid

There is a cancer eating away at the grid, and it goes by the name, PV rooftop solar. The spread of this disease is facilitated by renewable portfolio standards (RPS), where states require utilities to increase their sale of electricity Continue reading Save The Grid

Why Destroy The Grid?

Radical environmentalists, and some well-meaning, but not well-informed people, promote distributed generation schemes, including PV Solar. These schemes can destroy the grid and put electric utility companies out of business. The only rationale for distributed generation schemes is to cut Continue reading Why Destroy The Grid?

The Solar-Induced Death Spiral

A Wall Street Journal analyst recently wrote that PV solar installations could result in the demise of the grid, with PV solar thrusting it into a “death spiral” caused by an ever increasing amount of electricity being generated by roof Continue reading The Solar-Induced Death Spiral