The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Groups supporting wind turbines, PV solar and concentrating solar have been very successful. The purported underlying motive of these groups is to cut CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with so-called renewables, but rather than campaigning to cut CO2 emissions, Continue reading The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Green Pick Pockets

Net metering exists in 44 states. Initially established to help solar and wind while they were new and emerging technologies, net metering has become a cancer on the grid. Net metering allows the owner of solar panels supplying electricity to Continue reading Green Pick Pockets

Putting the Grid at Risk

The grid may have been built in the last century, but it is still resilient and works well. Yes, it could use some additions to increase capacity due to growth. What it doesn’t need is tampering to make it accommodate Continue reading Putting the Grid at Risk

The Best Energy Policy

A recent House Committee1 hearing discussed diversity in electricity supply. Perhaps the most important aspect of the hearing was the chart showing how the mix of fuels used for power generation varied around the country. Without reading all the captions, Continue reading The Best Energy Policy

CHP: Progress or Regression?

A major misconception about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is that people believe its efficiency is far greater than other methods for generating electricity. Efficiencies of over 90% are claimed for CHP, but these are misleading. CHP uses the exhaust Continue reading CHP: Progress or Regression?