America’s LNG Export Potential

…America’s LNG Export Potential… The current status of natural gas production, consumption and exports is in a state of flux brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  How much LNG has the United States exported, and can the US Continue reading America’s LNG Export Potential

How Europe Dithers

…How Europe Dithers… While Europe fiddled with climate related renewable energy projects, it allowed itself to become dependent on Russian energy. In spite of all that has happened with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it appears as though Europe is still Continue reading How Europe Dithers

Replacing Russian Energy

Crude Oil Exports from Russia

…Replacing Russian Energy… The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has thrust Russia’s energy strategy to the forefront. Which is more strategically important, oil or natural gas? In terms of dollars, oil and natural gas have about the same economic value. Here Continue reading Replacing Russian Energy

Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions

…Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions… Russia gets a lot of media attention, especially as it relates to our elections, but only a few in the media have suggested that Russia is trying to influence US energy decisions. In March, the Continue reading Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions

Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

…Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy… President Trump chastised Germany for its reliance on Russian natural gas, and the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany is highly dependent on imports for its energy, especially as it gets rid Continue reading Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

Russia: Leader in Nuclear Power

Russia is emerging as the worldwide leader in nuclear power. According to the international Atomic Energy Agency, 60 new nuclear power plants are being built around the world. Worldwide, there are around 440 nuclear power plants in operation, of which Continue reading Russia: Leader in Nuclear Power