Arctic Oil Potential

A recent report prepared for the Department of Energy, established that large reserves of oil were in the Arctic, and that the United States should begin to develop those reserves as it could easily require 20 years before oil could Continue reading Arctic Oil Potential

Small Modular Reactors

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) have been seen as possibly rescuing the U.S. nuclear power industry. B&W, NuScale and others have sought grants from the Department of Energy for developing SMRs. SMRs were a hot concept three years ago as possible Continue reading Small Modular Reactors

What is Saudi Arabia’s Game Plan for Oil?

The Saudis seem to have decided to maintain their output of oil, while allowing the price to fall, so as to maintain market share. But why? Why haven’t they cut production to maintain the price of oil? The following ideas Continue reading What is Saudi Arabia’s Game Plan for Oil?

A Remarkable American Story

It’s rare that a story transcends time, in this case for a lifetime, and yet is still relevant today, especially in this holiday season. The story begins shortly after WWII when the Soviet Union closed all land routes, roads and Continue reading A Remarkable American Story

Our Navy Should Go Nuclear, Not Green

Nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines have proven their strategic value and the safety of nuclear power. For a few years, 9 nuclear powered cruisers (CGNs) supported the carrier task groups. The last of the CGNs was commissioned in 1980. Continue reading Our Navy Should Go Nuclear, Not Green

Fracking Benefits America

The media continues to publish stories denigrating fracking. My local paper has published three anti-fracking AP articles in the past few days. While a few people have been disturbed by drilling near their homes, fracking has not caused any important Continue reading Fracking Benefits America