Malicious Claims of Sea Level Rise

…Malicious Claims of Sea Level Rise… One of the more malicious claims made by climate alarmists concerns sea level rise, misleadingly dramatized on the September, 2013 cover of the National Geographic magazine. More recently, NOAA published an article claiming that Continue reading Malicious Claims of Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise

Determining the amount of sea level rise in the past, and predicting it for the future is a tricky proposition at best, and may possibly be something that’s not currently possible to do. The media touts recent studies as proof Continue reading Sea Level Rise

Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

Prior to forty or so years ago, the National Geographic magazine was a respected publication. As a student, I used to refer to the National Geographic for accurate information on historic events, people and geography. Today, it is becoming just Continue reading Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

Carbon Price Distorts

Putting a price on carbon distorts all economic calculations wherever the carbon price is used1. The higher the price on carbon, the greater the distortion. For example: There is no question, using accepted accounting practices, that electricity generated using coal Continue reading Carbon Price Distorts