Shale Oil Revolution Continues

Companies in the United States who are drilling for shale oil have had to respond to the sudden low price of oil. Saudi Arabia decided to maintain production rather than cut production to maintain the price of oil, and this Continue reading Shale Oil Revolution Continues

What is Saudi Arabia’s Game Plan for Oil?

The Saudis seem to have decided to maintain their output of oil, while allowing the price to fall, so as to maintain market share. But why? Why haven’t they cut production to maintain the price of oil? The following ideas Continue reading What is Saudi Arabia’s Game Plan for Oil?

Fortune Magazine Bias

Nestled in the middle of an article supporting wind energy and energy efficiency is a chart showing energy intensity. The Fortune magazine article pits clean energy vs “dirty coal” in Ohio. Note the adjective “dirty”. The article is an excellent Continue reading Fortune Magazine Bias

Enough Oil for Independence?

Do we have enough oil to become independent from OPEC? The answer isn’t straight forward because there are differing estimates of oil reserves. The oil industry readily accepts the definition of proven reserves as being, “Proven reserves, those with a Continue reading Enough Oil for Independence?

Stop Fracking and Help Russia

We can help Russia by stopping, or substantially curtailing, fracking. Do we want to help Russia, or is this only an unintended consequence of efforts to stop fracking? Russia, a major supplier of natural gas to Europe, has sold its Continue reading Stop Fracking and Help Russia