Smart Grid as Marketing Tool

Proponents of smart grids always seem to highlight Demand Response (DR). Articles, such as the April 10 article in Intelligent Utility Daily, cite examples of how Demand Response can reduce demand during periods of peak load. The article explains how Continue reading Smart Grid as Marketing Tool

Assault on Energy

Assault on Energy The scientific method requires that a hypothesis be supported by consistent and comprehensive comparisons of observed data. If supported in this manner, the hypothesis could be considered a theory. At any time, however, new, contradictory evidence can Continue reading Assault on Energy

Insight Into Smart Meters

The hype surrounding the smart grid has resulted in smart meters being equated with the smart grid. Smart meters can improve certain aspects of the distribution system, and can play a very limited role in efficiently managing the grid, but Continue reading Insight Into Smart Meters

Bloviating About Grid Outages

The O’Reilly Factor has kept the term “bloviating” alive. The Factor is usually accurate about its facts, but occasionally it bloviates without the facts. The recent electrical outages after Sandy elicited such an outburst. Why, it asked, isn’t the grid Continue reading Bloviating About Grid Outages

Another Misleading Report

The Brattle Group proudly issued their report that energy efficiency will result in a 5% to 15% drop in electricity consumption by 2020. Prestigious publications published summaries of the report. It’s unbelievable that an unscientific poll could form the basis Continue reading Another Misleading Report