WSJ Joins Fake Media

ERCOT Chart of Reserve Margins Published December 2020

Over the past several week the WSJ has published a number of articles promoting the policies of the left, such as the Green New Deal and catastrophic climate change. 

These were in the news portion of the paper, and presumably the Editorial Pages would remain conservative.
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Europe’s Climate Strategy is a Failure

Costs for integrating onto grid

European peer reviewed study establishes that Europe is failing to meet its climate change goals.
It demonstrates that the cost of wind and solar generated electricity is greater than the cost of electricity produced by natural gas, coal and nuclear power plants.
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Media Launches Texas Counter Attack

Reserve Margin Composition

Texas has suffered terrible consequences as the result of blackouts.

The real reason for the blackouts is that wind and solar are unreliable and shouldn’t be included in reserve margins, but the advocates of wind and solar, with the media’s support, have tried to muddy the waters by pointing to other reasons for the blackouts.
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Distorting the Levelized Cost of Electricity

Project Costs of Generating Electricity

The levelized cost of electricity was, for decades, an honest method for comparing the cost of electricity generated by different methods.

With the advent of wind and solar generation, there has been a continuing effort to demonstrate they are competitive with coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. 
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