The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Groups supporting wind turbines, PV solar and concentrating solar have been very successful. The purported underlying motive of these groups is to cut CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with so-called renewables, but rather than campaigning to cut CO2 emissions, Continue reading The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Solar Takes Some Hits

Two years ago, GE announced plans to double its investment to $600 million in its Aurora, Colorado solar panel manufacturing plant. GE said the plant would create 400 jobs. GE entered the solar panel business in 2007 when it invested Continue reading Solar Takes Some Hits

Government Picks losers

The federal government has shelled out some $80 billion to support various clean energy initiatives. Unfortunately, many of these so-called “investments” are failing. A very revealing report by Marita Noon, executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc., identifies how Continue reading Government Picks losers

Continuing Solar Debacle

Bankruptcies of solar firms are happening so rapidly it’s hard to keep up with them. Last week Q-cells, one of the larger German manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy will result in the layoff of 2,000 employees. Now there is Continue reading Continuing Solar Debacle

Biofuel Mandates

Why are biofuels being forced onto America? This year the EPA has mandated that 8.65 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol be mixed with gasoline. If a producer can’t obtain cellulosic ethanol to mix with its gasoline, it must pay a Continue reading Biofuel Mandates

VCs in the Energy World

Venture Capitalists have been extremely successful in the digital arena. Moore’s law has benefited nearly everything digital. The energy arena is very different, and the question is open as to whether VCs will be successful in this arena. The VC Continue reading VCs in the Energy World