Let Science Do The Talking

…Let Science Do The Talking… President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord amid controversy over the dangers of climate change. Hopefully, his action will result in a new effort to examine and discuss the science behind global warming and climate Continue reading Let Science Do The Talking

What If GPS Dies?

GPS provides extremely accurate positioning information, and is used by the military, as well as commercial entities and ordinary people, to the point that it is now ubiquitous in society. GPS relies on a system of approximately 30 satellites. But Continue reading What If GPS Dies?

Sun Power, Part 2

It was Galileo, using his newly invented telescope, who, around 1600, saw sunspots for the first time in western history. From that point forward, sunspot observations were made on a regular basis by astronomers throughout Europe. Sunspot observations had also Continue reading Sun Power, Part 2

Sun Power, Part 1

How does the enormous power of the sun affect the earth? Obviously, life on earth depends on the sun, but does the sun affect the earth in unique, perhaps not well understood, ways. Light from the sun, i.e., photons, being Continue reading Sun Power, Part 1

Coming to Grips With the Sun

It’s not well understood how the Sun affects the Earth. We count the number of sun spots, measure the sun’s irradiance and the size of solar storms. We do know that the size of solar storms has been linked to Continue reading Coming to Grips With the Sun

Best Energy Ideas for Tomorrow

Energy developments usually take a long time to mature, so the next big thing is probably already in existence. As mentioned in the previous article, it could be drones mapping terrain in conjunction with seismic studies to improve oil exploration1, Continue reading Best Energy Ideas for Tomorrow