When Will the Insanity End?

…When Will the Insanity End?… The media went gaga over France’s and the UK’s proposal to eliminate the use of internal combustion engines in automobiles by replacing them with battery-powered vehicles (BEVs). But what are the facts? Summary: When the Continue reading When Will the Insanity End?

Welcome to the Age of Natural Gas

“The United States possesses a total technically recoverable resource base of 2,515 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas as of year-end 2014.” This is the highest resource evaluation by the Potential Gas Committee in its 50-year history. The reserves Continue reading Welcome to the Age of Natural Gas

Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions

Extreme environmental organizations preach that the United States lags in energy efficiency and that the United States could improve energy efficiency by as much as 40%. Organizations such as the Sierra Club, Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), Greenpeace and the Continue reading Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions

Shale Gas and Foreign Policy

Not only has the shale gas revolution in the United States afforded the United States an opportunity to become energy independent, it is also creating a revolution in geopolitics. Fracking, brought about by private industry working on private land, is Continue reading Shale Gas and Foreign Policy

UK Report on Renewables

While I have asserted in several articles that wind and solar are uneconomic and unreliable, it’s interesting to see how the UK has fared under its policy of cutting CO2 emissions through the use of renewables. The just issued report Continue reading UK Report on Renewables