Methane Hydrates Have a Bright Future

Scientists from India, Japan and the United States USGS, have discovered large deposits of methane hydrates in the Bay of Bengal. They report that these methane hydrates were found in “coarse-grained sand-rich depositional systems in the Krishna-Godavari basin” and are Continue reading Methane Hydrates Have a Bright Future

Wind Farm Locations

Wind farms come in various ratings and dimensions. Knowing where wind turbines are located, and what the physical dimensions are for each turbine, should be helpful for those who are either interested in how wind turbines are affecting certain locations, Continue reading Wind Farm Locations

Enough Oil for Independence?

Do we have enough oil to become independent from OPEC? The answer isn’t straight forward because there are differing estimates of oil reserves. The oil industry readily accepts the definition of proven reserves as being, “Proven reserves, those with a Continue reading Enough Oil for Independence?

NRDC, Out to Scare People

It appears as though the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is out to scare people who live around the Great Lakes. The local newspapers have grabbed hold of the story. Here is the leading paragraph from the Port Clinton newspaper: Continue reading NRDC, Out to Scare People