Harming our Canadian Friends

The United States imported 0.79 million barrels of oil per day (mmb/d) from Venezuela in 2014, while creating policies that make it difficult to import oil from Canada. Oil imports from Venezuela peaked in 1997 at 1.4 mmb/d. U.S. heavy oil Continue reading Harming our Canadian Friends


Environmentalists, and their cohorts in the media, blast away at the keystone pipeline, because it will transport Canadian tar sands crude into the United States. They repeatedly say producing oil from the tar sands will release CO2 into the atmosphere. Continue reading Pipelines

Fracking and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

It may be several years before we fully understand and appreciate the benefits our country derives from fracking. We already know that chemical companies are planning to invest in the United States by building new plants that will create more Continue reading Fracking and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Foiling OPEC

A recent WSJ op-ed by Robert McFarlane said, “If we produce more oil, OPEC will sell less to keep prices high.” While this has been true in the past, it might not be true in the future, if we produce Continue reading Foiling OPEC

Drilling and Debt

What’s the current economic situation in the United States? The United States has a huge federal debt, with many states also having crushing debt loads. The United States has extremely high unemployment levels, as well as considerable hidden unemployment. The Continue reading Drilling and Debt

Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry

Environmentalists are doing their best to destroy Canada’s oil industry. Canada’s oil industry is based primarily on tar sands (i.e., oil sands), where Canada has a supply of oil that rivals Saudi Arabia’s. Extracting the oil from tar sands requires Continue reading Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry