Batteries, the Achilles Heel

Batteries, the Achilles Heel   The sale of EVs and PHEVs has been sluggish, probably because of the high cost of the battery. The 16 kWh battery for the Volt, for example, costs around $10,000, while the 24 kWh battery Continue reading Batteries, the Achilles Heel

Hyping Electric Vehicle Sales

The audacity of EV and PHEV proponents is staggering. In the face of sluggish sales for EVs and PHEVs, there is an attempt to distort sales figures by including Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Proponents announced that 487,480 electric vehicles were sold Continue reading Hyping Electric Vehicle Sales

Even With Subsidies

Few products have received as many subsidies as the electric car. Subsidies have been given to build battery factories, to install charging stations, to build car factories and given to buyers of BEVs and PHEVs. Yet, BEVs and PHEVs are Continue reading Even With Subsidies

Proponents of EVs and PHEVs are Worried

Last week, Media Matters for America (MMA) published a 6,667-word article, replete with charts and graphs, defending EVs and PHEVs. The article was framed with the headline, Myths And Facts About Electric Cars. The topics, i.e., myths, covered were: Denying That Continue reading Proponents of EVs and PHEVs are Worried

Electric Vehicle Update

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and pure electric vehicles (EVs) are slow out of the starting gate. Through October, total PHEV and EV sales are less than 15,000 vehicles: reportedly 5,003 Volts and 8,048 Leafs. It’s still early, and it’s Continue reading Electric Vehicle Update

Are We Implementing the Right Automotive Strategy? Part III

Another alternative could be CNG. The Pickens plan received wide notice a year ago and prompted some action in Congress to support CNG vehicles. CNG, of course, doesn’t replace the ICE, but merely replaces gasoline with compressed natural gas. Currently Continue reading Are We Implementing the Right Automotive Strategy? Part III