Water and Fracking

…Water and Fracking… Water is back in the news for two reasons. First, the amount of water used and extracted from wells has increased the probability of earthquakes. Second, the possibility of water shortages has raised concerns about the availability Continue reading Water and Fracking

Water: The Next Scapegoat, Pt 2

On at least two occasions, the National Geographic Magazine has published stories about water levels in the Great Lakes, attempting to establish that global warming was a threat, and that water usage should be curtailed. Here’s a quote from the Continue reading Water: The Next Scapegoat, Pt 2

Water: Another Scapegoat

Once again, the environmental community takes a problem in one area, and uses it to force regulations on the entire country. A recent article in Power Magazine linked GHG emissions and water usage, proposing that the entire country should adopt Continue reading Water: Another Scapegoat

Fracking and Fire Water

Fracking has allowed natural gas to be extracted from shale, which has resulted in cutting the price of natural gas by at least half, while also demonstrating that the United States has a 100-year supply of natural gas. Extreme environmentalists Continue reading Fracking and Fire Water

Fracking Risks and Benefits

Shale gas was first used in the U.S. to light homes at Fredonia, New York in 1821. The use of shale gas is not new. Hydraulic fracturing was first used in Texas to stimulate oil-wells in the late 1940s. Fracking Continue reading Fracking Risks and Benefits

Water Hysteria

Periodically the National Geographic magazine publishes articles on water. Some have been nothing more than hysterical scare pieces. In one issue they said, “The world’s largest freshwater system has shrunk before, but never so quickly.” The article failed to mention Continue reading Water Hysteria