Wind Turbines Need Wind

Map Europe wind speed

…Wind Turbines Need Wind… This may seem to be a truism, but the speed of the wind is critical to how much electricity a wind turbine generates. Europe is finding this out the hard way. Texas learned this past winter Continue reading Wind Turbines Need Wind

Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Whose Money is it, Antway

…Whose Money is it, Anyway?… According to many people, the world needs to invest $4 trillion a year to transition to a carbon-free economy.  The WSJ article said that $4 trillion is not a large sum. It quotes the CEO Continue reading Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Germany Opposes Nuclear Power for Everyone

Grohnde nuclear power plant

…Germany Opposes Nuclear Power for Everyone… Germany has been working studiously at COP 26, at Glasgow, to have nuclear excluded from any sustainable investment made by any country. Here is a quote, taken from CLEW (Clean Energy Wire) that affirms Continue reading Germany Opposes Nuclear Power for Everyone

Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 1

CAISO Duck Curve Extended Renwables

…Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 1… The media consistently cites Lazard to claim that wind and solar cost less than electricity from natural gas combined cycle (NGCC), coal-fired and nuclear power plants. In 2017, my article published a review Continue reading Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 1

More Unreported Hidden Costs

Gas 4

…More Unreported Hidden Costs… The fact that wind and solar are more costly than coal-fired, natural gas, and nuclear power plants is easy to explain: They need backup or storage which automatically increases the cost of wind and solar. What’s Continue reading More Unreported Hidden Costs

Europe’s Fossil Fuel Shortage

Share of energy source in gross German power production in first half 2021 from CLEW

…Europe’s Fossil Fuel Shortage… Europe, with all its efforts to cut the use of fossil fuels, may be about to learn why fossil fuels are important. This is especially true for Germany, which has been the epicenter of Green, Climate Continue reading Europe’s Fossil Fuel Shortage